Make Up

Your fairy tale wedding is now a reality! He & She helps transform brides-to-be into beautiful princesses on their special day.

Our wedding makeup artists and hairstylists create unique looks by blending international trends and traditional styles. Our experts at He & She, create a special look for each bride and groom based on her wedding attire, time of day, venue and her preferences, of course!

Bridal Make UP


Wedding is that event in one's life, when the world seems colourful and filled with high hopes for the coming future. It is the stepping stone for a completely new life, which is a mystery and nobody knows what is in store for them. Nevertheless, everyone wants to begin this new journey on a good note, wishing for happiness and prosperity abound. So, the bride celebrates this occasion by trying to look her best on this special day. Apart from her clothes and jewellery, her look is also very important. This is what the bridal make up takes care of.

Groom Make Up

Your wedding is the most significant day of your life. You want every single aspect to be perfect. We know how stressful it gets from the venue to the menu, and it often takes a toll on your skin. This is where we come in, with our specially designed packages; we ensure you look your best on your big day.


Engagement Make Up


The engagement ceremony is equally important as the wedding. It is the perfect occasion for you to doll up and look uber cool in something trendy. You can absolutely go all out with your experiments and ideas. Weddings would still require you to be a little traditional but the engagement is one occasion where you can experiment. The kind of make-up look you choose has a lot to do with your outfit. It needs to be in sync when it comes to the colour schemes used. However, there are loads of ideas that you can consider for your special day

Professional Make Up

Professional Professional1

Professional makeup brands however, are designed to be used by makeup artists for photography, catwalk shows, weddings, movies, TV, theatre and other generally filmed occasions. To attract these professionals, the products must be:

  • Long wearing

  • Durable under strong stage and photographic lighting

  • Be comfortable to wear

  • Refresh after a long day

  • Be easy to use

  • Versatile

  • Cost effective

and most importantly – reflect correctly in film and photos These qualities ensure our clients are as happy as possible. Our brand choices can alter our reputation in the industry, so the right products are crucial.

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