Face Care

A customized, completely relaxing and cleansing face care treatment for all skin types, with skin analysis, steaming, cleaning of the pores, face, hand and arm massage with warm hand mitts, treatment mask, moisturizer, and recommendations for home care, leaving the skin clean, smooth, refreshed and glowing

Taking care of your face is important for the health of your skin. Getting into a good routine is a great way to ensure your face gets the attention it deserves, and that you don’t miss any steps along the way. Developing your daily, weekly, and monthly routine starts with figuring out what kind of skin you have, and what your face care needs are.

  • Apply toner after washing your face in the morning

  • Moisturize after toning

  • Apply sunscreen every morning

  • Wash and moisturize your face again before bed.

  • Use a serum before bed to address

  • Exfoliate once or twice a week

  • Do a self-exam every month

Face Clean Up

face cleanup face cleanup1

When you clean your face with cleansing milk, it looks clean and radiant . But the glow does not linger for long .For looking your face clean and glowing at all times, it is advisable to do the cleanup of your face twice a month. Facial and face clean up are different in only duration of massage ,cleaning products and cleansing packs .Facial is very good for mature skin but face clean up is suitable for woman of every age .Face clean up is very suitable for the women under the age of 25 and teenagers also

Benefits of Face Clean Up
Regular cleaning, toning and moisturizing impart a healthy glow to your face .It is very good for keep blemishes ,blackheads and minor imperfections of your skin away .Those affected with pimples get rashes after having a facial ,can try face clean up in place of a facial.

Face Pack

A face pack is a thick substance which you spread on your face; allow to dry for a short time, and then remove, in order to clean your skin thoroughly

Benefits of Face Pack

  • Relaxation

  • Deep cleansing

  • Unclog pores

  • Glowing skin

  • Helps your overall regimen

face pack face pack


faceial faceial2 faceial3


People get facials for different reasons: while some people want to remove those horrible blackheads, others want some help with an anti-again regimen. And, then there are the people who just want to relax and be pampered.

These are all fine reasons to get facials. But often the facial itself is a bit mysterious. What does the steam do? Why do they keep putting creams on and taking them off? Why get facials regularly?

A facial is essentially a multi-step skin treatment that is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. A facial cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion and can help your skin look younger.

The Basic Steps of a Facial

  • Consultation

  • Preparations

  • Cleansing

  • Skin analysis

  • Steam

  • Exfoliation

  • Extractions


Everybody wants flawless, glowing and brighter looking skin. Be it a family party or friends’ night out, college event, a date or a marriage ceremony, everyone wishes to look beautiful and bright hence, they go for bleaching their skin in order to get rid of dark spots, dead cells, skin tan, sun damage, dark patches, skin pigmentation for getting lighter, even, smooth and fair looking skin. But bleaching to get clear skin is a temporary skin whitening process that might damage your skin texture and tone. However, face bleaching has equal advantages and disadvantages depending on the application, frequency of usage and quality of the product. No doubt, bleaching your skin improves the skin tone by whitening the facial hairs, dark spots and freckles

Bleach Bleach1

Skin Treatment

Skin-Whitening Treatment includes therapies that make use of natural or chemical ingredients to impart glow to skin and make it look very supple and health. Skin whitening treatments are very popular and because unfortunately even in modern society fair skin is considered as a symbol of beauty. Many women with darker skin therefore put efforts to change their complexion merely due to social pressure.

Skin whitening Treatments offered at HE & SHE , SPA & SALON IN PATNA use of high quality natural ingredients that work perfectly on Indian skin to lighten the skin without any side effects. The treatments include various kinds of spa facial, body polishes and body wraps.

Face Waxing

Waxing, at the most basic level, uproots hair. This means that it removes hair from its root. While getting rid of facial hair is possible using various methods like bleaching, threading and laser treatments, facial waxing is considered to be a method that resounds with most people; most people, not all. Why?

The effects of waxing last for about two or more weeks, which is pretty good in comparison to shaving. The last thing you want is anything that resembles a beard growing on your face.

Waxing is precise whereas other techniques aren’t. While shaving cannot guarantee all facial hair will be evenly removed, bleaching can turn out patchy with abnormal golden gradients of hair.

Waxing damages your hair follicles; this is not a bad thing because it reduces the growth of hair and over time your face will be completely hair-free

face-wax face-wax1


threading threading1

Over the past few years, the celebrities and models have set a new eyebrow game, and now suddenly all the focus has shifted to the eyebrows. Well-groomed and shaped eyebrows can frame the face and completely change the looks of an individual. The first step to well-groomed eyebrows is getting them shaped. There are various ways to get them shaped: threading and waxing. Both the methods have their pros and cons. In India, preferred method is threading

When you see a threading expert at work, it’s amazing to watch. The practitioner takes two long entwined pieces of cotton thread and expertly wraps them around the unwanted hairs, removing them in one clean movement. The process is fluid; an almost artistic scissoring motion that gently and quickly removes hair from the root of the follicle.

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