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New Trends of Make Up

Party Make Up


While picking up an attractive dress for the party might not be a hard task for you, not all of you would be having the knowledge to do a stunning party makeup. The proper makeup is very important to complete your look. Another vital thing is that the party makeup is totally different from your daily makeup. He & she has , the best makeup artist in Patna can give you the picture perfect party look. A perfect party look can give you a confidence so that you can impress everybody easily.

Reception Make Up

Since your special occasion is a memorable day, you would obviously want to look your best. The special occasion could be any occasion of celebration and the team at He & She will make sure that you get the look of your choice. You can tell them the occasion and they will tailor your look for the day accordingly.


Light Make Up


It is often said that less is more, and nothing could be truer when it comes to makeup. Most of the time, anyway. There are occasions that warrant dramatic makeup, but college or work certainly isn’t one of them. And, it’s not as though time is your friend in the mornings. After hitting the snooze button the third time, there isn’t much you can do other than rush about to get ready. Looking good does not have to take up your whole morning, or take you away from your snoozing. Here’s a tutorial on how to look polished, yet keep your makeup light, and it takes less than 15 minutes.

Wedding Make Up

The expert makeup artist in Patna will select the best facial creams and other cosmetics to clean your face. After testing different kits you can choose which ones are the best for your skin. A wedding l makeup artist in Patna can help you to look simple and attractive by applying the right makeup procedures. You should show your bridal costume, groom costume and other jewelry that you will dress on your wedding day. It will help your makeup artist to decide the appropriate hairstyle and other techniques that they can use on your face to make you look gorgeous.


Engagement Make Up


The engagement ceremony is equally important as the wedding. It is the perfect occasion for you to doll up and look uber cool in something trendy. You can absolutely go all out with your experiments and ideas. Weddings would still require you to be a little traditional but the engagement is one occasion where you can experiment. The kind of makeup look you choose has a lot to do with your outfit. It needs to be in sync when it comes to the colour schemes used. However, there are loads of ideas that you can consider for your special day

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